The Most Lucrative Gambles of All Time


The bigger the risk, the larger the reward. For many who enjoy a casual game of poker with friends, what's on the table isn't usually more than the cost of the taxi home – but for a brave few who have staked their fortunes on the spin of a wheel or turn of a card, glory and riches came their way.

Here at Ladbrokes we've always been inspired by the stories of those who bet big and succeeded. Here is our rundown of the most ambitious bets ever.


Ashley Revell bets on red for 200,000 euros


After selling all his worldly possessions and heading to Vegas to determine if a single spin of the roulette wheel would make him rich or poor, recruiter Ashley Revell confessed that he wasn't sure whether he would bet on red or black until he stood at the table.

Revell put his entire life – a bet of just over 100,000 euros raised by selling all his possessions – on red, and waited for what must have felt like decades as the wheel spun. He punched the air with joy as it came up red, and Revell celebrated with friends and family by his side.




Pop culture pays out


When a winning Welshman arrived at his local bookies to collect winnings worth almost £200,000 in January 2000, it wasn't so much the amount he bet as the astronomical odds he was given.

It was a seemingly different world ten years prior when our big winner placed his bet. Back then nobody would have expected that, by the turn of the millennium, U2 would still be together, Cliff Richard would receive a knighthood, and the BBC would continue to make Eastenders. Match these with the even more apparently unlikely scenario that British TV would continue to transmit Australian soaps Home and Away and Neighbours and you have the makings of a huge gamble – 6,479/1 to be exact!



The Suitcase Man strikes in Vegas

When William Lee Bergstrom arrived at Binion's Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas, one night in 1980, few would've given him or his suitcases a second glance. To attract new players, Benny Binion always said he'd match their very first bet at the casino, so when Bergstrom revealed that one suitcase contained over a quarter of a million dollars, Binion was understandably aggrieved – especially as his single roll of the dice at the craps table was a winner! As for the other suitcase, it was of course empty – Bergstrom needed somewhere else to put all his winnings.


Monty's Pass owner is a (Seven Hundred) Grand National winner


Bingo business owner Mike Futter made more than £760,000 by betting on a horse to win the Grand National at its first attempt. So when Monty's Pass was first over the line, he was doubly delighted – he also owned the horse, and along with the prize money made a pretty penny on betting.

According to a newspaper article, Futter placed multiple bets with several bookies on first place and each-way over the course of several months, when the odds began at 66-1 and started to shrink. Futter won over a quarter of a million pounds by having belief in his investment and those who trained it.

When it comes to making a big bet, the most determined winners have got either a big stake in the action or are simply inspired when it comes to beating the long odds. The next time you're placing a bet with Ladbrokes Casino we hope you get some inspiration from reading about these big-time winners and how their lives have changed for the better.